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Brand Design

Effective brand design reflects your journey and tells your unique story.

I’ll work with you to determine what makes you stand out in your field then develop a visual identity system that conveys who you are, works in a variety of media, and will look superb for many years to come.

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Web Design

Whether you are looking to redesign an aging site or start from scratch, building a professional website gives you unmatched control over your profile online.

I’ll design and deliver a custom website optimized for your needs.

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Social Media Design

Make a good impression no matter where potential customers find you. I can help you look your best across social media platforms.

I’ll create polished profiles and design stunning graphics to accompany your posts all consistent with your brand.


I’m John. I live and work in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh, PA.

I started Sick Day Design to build long-term partnerships with clients where I share excitement for your project, and we work side-by-side to reach a mutual goal.

My expertise can help you save time, effort, and bandwidth while growing your business. Let’s talk when you are ready to build something great together.

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